why blog?

I made my first personal “homepage” in 1994 when I set up my then employer's first web server. I developed that into a website in the 1990s, as a way of learning web design, then in the 2000s I used LiveJournal for blogging and social networking. Now I've decided to open a public blog for a number of reasons, the principal ones including:

  1. As an outlet for creativity (photography, poetry and prose)
  2. To help me discover myself
  3. To help me rediscover myself in the event of amnesia
  4. To work out thoughts; I find that writing down a thought or an argument helps me to get it clear in my head.
  5. As a testbed to experiment with this new software before deploying it in a professional context
  6. To amuse myself

I'm sure they're not the reasons why some people write blogs; just the reasons why I'm doing it now.

Below is the mind-map I made when I started this new blog.

MindMap: why blog?