sex & sexuality answers

I've answered a lot of questions about sexuality, sex, orientation and gender on Quora. There's often an element of personal opinion in such answers, but I try to stay objective, evidence-based, ethical and compassionate.

sexuality and sexual orientation

There are a stunning quantity of very basic questions about sexuality on Quora - it's clear that a really huge number of people never get any sex education whatsoever. I tend to stay away from those questions as the sheer quantity of ignorance (and a great deal of stupidity, where sexual orientations are concerned) quickly depresses me. These questions are mostly ones where I thought “that's a good question” or felt I had an insight, or factual knowledge to share.

LGBT+ community

I talk about LGBT+ history quite a bit. I have been involved with LGBT+ communities since about 1990, so I feel I have a relatively rare perspective to share, as well as a lot of experience.

same-sex marriage

I'm in one, and a lot of people still haven't met anyone who is, so I feel a duty to introduce myself. If nothing else, it helps to show opponents of gay marriage that this isn't some abstract argument, it's personal.

bisexuality (and pansexuality)

I figured out that I'm bisexual well over 30 years ago, and spent a lot of time in bi communities and doing bi activism. So I know a lot about bisexuality, and care about it. These days educating people about it via platforms like Quora is the main activism I do.

gender and transgender

A lot of people still confuse gender (socially constructed) and biological sex (not nearly as simple as some people want to think). I'd like to help improve the sitation. Besides, I have a few bigender/transgender friends and I've worked hard to understand the issues.


Not sure how I came to answer these, other than that I have some experience to draw on.

relationship advice

I'm not normally in the habit of giving out relationship advice at all! I was probably asked to answer most of these. Apart from a few where I give an LGBT+ viewpoint it's not really my area of expertise.

Answering questions like these makes Quora feel more like a community to me. I hope I was able to help a few people.