Photography is my hobby. I don't claim to have great talent (or even great technical skill), I just enjoy it. Like a lot of people, I like to take pictures of my favourite places. I also like to photograph scenes with people in them, and sometimes make something more artistic out of my photos.

Here are a few of my favourites.

Statue of Liberty
the Statue of Liberty at sunset

Moscone Center
Google I/O marker at the Moscone Center, San Francisco

Sculpture in Singapore
Sculpture in the Millenia mall, Singapore

Angkor temple
the Preah Khan temple at Angkor

headland, Sitges
boy and dog on a headland at Sitges

Mustang hire car
my Mustang hire car in California

Moon Gate, Sydney
moon gate in the Chinese Garden in Sydney

Highway 1
Highway 1 near Big Sur, California

Shinkansen passing through a station near Tokyo

Temple of Heaven, Beijing
the Temple of Heaven, Beijing

snow sunset, Warwickshire
sunset snowscape, Warwickshire

city hopper, Schiphol airport
KLM City Hopper at Schiphol

All images are © Jon Harley 2019, all rights reserved. Do not republish without my permission.

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